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Philips Pro Skin Advanced QT4005/15 trimmer Reviews

Style your beard the way it appeals to you with Philips Pro Skin Advanced QT4005/15 trimmer. Just so you know Philips Pro Skin Advanced QT4005/15 trimmer is the top selling entry level trimmer. It is a cordless trimmer operated by chargeable, internal batteries. The trimmer is skin friendly and has stainless steel blades which save the skin from any sort of damage.

The smooth rounded tips make it good for smooth trimming. You can adjust the length setting as per your requirement. It comes with 20 different additional settings which mean it is as flexible as you may need it.  The heads are easily removable which makes it easy and hassle free to clean it. This product comes with 2 years of warranty and one more year if you get to register it with Philips website.

Market is flooded with a staggering amount of trimmer price list and selecting the one could be taxing which is why we have selected the one for you and describing Philips trimmer price list and all the related features so that you can make your choice easily.

Let’s talk about all the great features that come with this trimmer. To start with philips trimmer price list. This product is a total value for money with a price as little as Rs. 1296 you can get it from Amazon. This trimmer is a real steal with this cost and excellent features.

After price, our next concern remains the battery life. And this trimmer comes with a great battery life as this battery remains around 20-25 rounds before needing a recharge. What else could you ask for?

This trimmer is great for those who like detailing and close shave look. With one button you can choose your trim length and yes it is that simple and easy as it reads. It can trim from 5mm to 10mm with adjustable settings. Yes, it touches all tough spots once you get a hang of the trimmer it will give you shave you want and the way you want. It also removes the dead hair. It is fairly simple to use and easy to clean as the toolkit contains the brush which is detachable and can be cleaned as well. Since it is cordless you know it is hassle-free now wires and no mess around. It is lightweight and comes with a great warranty like I said it has everything that you need style your beard the way you want.